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Our drones don’t replace horses. They help horses, riders and cattlemen and women, by providing an accurate bearing on the herd for a more efficient roundup. 


Here are a few reasons to consider us for your next roundup:


  • Animal Savvy. First and foremost, our pilots are livestock owners. We know how these animals think and we know how to read cows. We can fly ranges in a way that does not spook or agitate livestock. Using our own horses or ATVs to reach remote locations, and choosing from a small fleet of drones with different capabilities, we can fly well under your cattle's radar! 

  • Cost efficient. Our drones find your cows and send detailed location information to ATV or horseback riders on the ground, saving hours or days of searching.

  • Unmatched Vision. Our drones fly 400 feet high, and 1 km away from the pilot. That gives us a huge aerial field-of-view within minutes. We can fly over thick, forested areas in seconds.

  • Zero Impact. Unlike frequent back and forth travel by motorvehicles on mud and clay, flying has no impact on ranges which reduces wear-and-tear on vital roadways and access points.

  • Superior Equipment. Our drones are top shelf (valued significantly higher than that of the hobby-consumer market). They can handle tougher conditions, colder weather, and our formally trained and certified pilots can use them more effectively than hobbyists.

  • Training, certification & insurance. Unlike hobbyists, our insured and certified pilots are also trained to fly in compliance with all relevant Acts and Laws.

    Some cows never make it off the range. Our drones can help find them, because we don't quit 'til the cows come home.

First Frontier Pilots are:

  • Transport Canada certified UAV/RPAS Pilots

  • Covered by Worksafe BC 

  • Fully insured

  • Professional & Experienced Pilots

  • Livestock Owners/Animal-Savvy




  • Aerial location service for herds on BC interior ranges

  • Aerial head counts (on-site, on range, stockyards, etc)

  • Aerial range inspections

  • Health observation & monitoring, calving

  • Water volume inspections

  • Fence and gate inspections

  • Custom projects

Our specialized UAV services save you time and money.

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